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MOVEABLE SHELVING : Kardex Eagle Series Kompakt



Moveable shelving is the most widely used type of high-density storage systems. You can double your storage capacity in the same space. Or you can store the same amount in about half the space. Our electric push button controls provide state-of-the-art operation for your staff. From passive user safety systems to fire parking when not in use, Eagle Series Electric offers all the "bells and whistles" at a surprisingly low investment level.













Regardless what type of materials you are storing, from boxes to folders, moveable shelving does the job. Our carriages can accept virtually all types of shelving and cabinets, frequently allowing our clients to utilize their existing equipment in a much more space efficient manner.

MOVEABLE SHELVING : Kardex Eagle Series Kompakt


Mechanical Assist

The most widely used type of drive system is Mechanical Assist. The same effort required to pull open a file cabinet drawer can move over 20,000 pounds of materials using Mechanical Assist. Safety concerns? Not a problem with our Kompakt system. We offer the only 100% mechanical safety sweep in the industry. No impact from potential power outages, no worry about batteries failing when they are most needed. True safety does not depend on your employees taking preventative action, our system does the job.

MOVEABLE SHELVING : Kardex Eagle Series Kompakt



Full description coming soon.

MOVEABLE SHELVING : Kardex Eagle Series Kompakt


BiFile / TriFile

Only have a few sections of shelving along a wall, but you need more storage? These basic manual systems can increase your capacity with a minimum of disruption to your office.


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