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Automated Storage : kardex Vertical Lifts



Introduced by Kardex over a quarter century ago, our current TITANS are still the industry leader. From our light duty 200 pound per pan units to our heavy duty 1200 pound King Titan, vertical lift units handle a wide variety of items. Our broad product offering allows you to select the unit best for your application. If throughput is your priority, choose from our various high-speed Turbo units. Our experienced reps are ready to assist you in determining what unit is best for you.  

Automated Storage : kardex Vertical Lifts



Our lightest capacity units are ideal for small parts storage. By using multiple units controlled by MCS2, Material Control Software, or your existing inventory control software, any unproductive wait time between picks can be eliminated. While you pick from one unit, the other unit is pulling the next pan and will have it waiting for you when you are ready. Individual pans hold up to 200 pounds and are available in a variety of sizes and operating speeds.

Automated Storage : kardex Vertical Lifts



The next unit in our product line provides all the same features and benefits with an increased pan capacity of 300 pounds. These type units utilize a belt type extraction method that accommodates non-uniformed loading in the pan. If it makes sense to store a heavy item together with related light weight or bulky items, this design is for you.

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