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Furniture/ Seating : Meeting Rooms


Meeting Rooms 1

Furniture is frequently selected based on a specific task or functional requirement. Meeting rooms are only one area where there are many choices. Elegant wood veneers can add to the ambiance of an executive conference room, while flexible, space efficient work tables and stackable chairs can accommodate larger groups on occasion. Let our people help you determine what works best for you.

Furniture/ Seating : Meeting Rooms


Meeting Rooms 2

Occasional seating does not have to mean a folding metal chair. We offer stackable, gang able chairs that are very comfortable as well as very functional. With or without arms, upholstered or not, these stackable chairs will be a welcome addition to your environment.

Furniture/ Seating : Meeting Rooms


Meeting Rooms 3

These chairs can be ganged together to keep them in place and just as easily stacked on their own dolly for space efficient storage when not in use. The applications are almost unlimited. Large group meeting areas, waiting rooms, lunch rooms all benefit from comfortable seating. But don't stop there, some of America's most well known arenas have used these chairs for courtside seating.

Furniture/ Seating : Meeting Rooms


Meeting Rooms 4

The un-upholstered, hard plastic shell is available in a rainbow of colors to provide a bright accent in any area. For greater comfort select from a wide array of fabrics and achieve a whole different look.

Furniture/ Seating : Meeting Rooms


Meeting Rooms 5

Used with flexible, reconfigurable tables, these chairs change to meet your needs. From group, round-table discussions they can easily be rearranged to a classroom, instructional layout without sacrificing function, appearance or comfort. At REM we can help put your meeting rooms to work for you.


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