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Furniture & Seating : Mailrooms



REM has been designing and installing mailrooms for over a quarter century. We supply equipment designed for large, nation-wide organizations to basic satellite mail stations for individual floors. Many clients are faced with multiple task requirements for the same space. Space efficient, ergonomic designs and attractive, yet highly durable construction are key ingredients to long-term satisfaction. Our reps can help you design a work space that helps your people do their work.

Furniture & Seating : Mailrooms


Mailrooms 2

The most complete product line in the industry includes designs for all applications. Freestanding sort modules can be used as Satellite Mail Stations on individual floors or in specific departments. They come in three sort size openings, standard, legal and oversize. The base of the units, shown open here can be additional sort openings or enclosed behind doors for a more aesthetic. They come in a wide choice of high-pressure laminates as well as multiple widths and heights.


Furniture & Seating : Mailrooms


Mailrooms 3

Some applications for this type of functionally designed furniture do not need small sort openings. A full line of accessories and alternate designs include wall mounted shelf units. Our mailroom consoles are the strongest, most durable on the market. Available in many widths, heights and depths, these units can meet the requirements of many shape and size rooms. When you're ready to address your mailroom, let our experienced reps show you how to get the job done right.

Furniture & Seating : Mailrooms


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In this world of digital communication, frequently Mailrooms, Copy Centers and Proposal Prep Areas are overlooked... until a costly problem occurs. Do not wait to lose important information, and perhaps a valued client as well, let REM show you how to avoid these potential pitfalls with a well designed, productive work space.



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