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Document Management : Filing systems



This is where REM started and where we continue to be a leading provider today. Does your staff sometimes have trouble finding a folder? Mis-files are a major source of lost productivity and a source of potential litigation. Color-coded filing systems can virtually eliminate this problem. Our experienced reps can show you how to take control of your files.

Document Management : Filing systems


End Digit/Terminal Digit

When files are organized in a straight numeric sequence you will soon encounter the problem of having to backshift the folders to have room for growth. If you have this problem there is good news. By modifying the sequence of the folders, backshifting can be eliminated. If you would like to see what can be done to make your file system help you, let our experts show you your options.

Document Management : Filing systems



File systems organized by numbers present a wide range of potential pitfalls. Mis-files and backshifting are two common complaints in numeric file systems. How to organize the files is not always a clear and straight forward. Put our experience to work for your organization and make your filing system work for you.


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