Office Solutions

Temrex Vertical Carousels

Vertical carousels by Temrex are part of a class of products known as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).  Designed originally for folders and card records decades ago, vertical carousels can now store virtually any item you can place on a shelf or in a drawer or tray.  If you have an 8 foot ceiling or a 28 foot ceiling, vertical carousels can quickly deliver a large amount of materials quickly to your fingertips.   If your needs are high volume, high productivity, high security and control or even a refrigerator environment, a vertical carousel can be designed to meet your needs.  Let our storage professionals provide the ideal solutions for your varied needs.


REM offers a wide range of furniture and seating options from a variety of manufacturers.  Whether your needs are a single workstation and case goods or  multi-staff panel systems, REM can design, provide and install the mix of products to meet your needs.  Allow our team to meet with you to provide a tailor-made solution to meet the needs of your staff comfortably and affordably.

Reception Seating

Make an impression with your customers by installing reception furniture that is both beautiful and practical.  Chairs can be designed in any number of fabrics and either metal or wood frames.  Add a reception desk and many other accessories to complete the look.

Office Mezzanines and Panel Systems

Installing Steel Mezzanines in your office can double the space you have by adding a second floor above the office floor. This new level provides you with more storage or even office space, without taking up any additional room.

Mobile Shelving

The most space efficient and cost effective method to provide high density storage in today’s corporate and institutional environments.  No matter the item placed on the shelves, our experts can custom design the right system for your needs.  We will tailor your system to meet your volume, activity, ergonomic, security and safety requirements. 

Static Shelving

Whether your needs are record-keeping or material, they deserve an organized and efficient home.  We offer the entire array of shelving in sizes to meet the needs and the floor space.  Allow our storage professionals to work with you to provide the ideal shelving with the ideal mix of features and finishes for your unique storage environment.

Rotary Storage

REM Systems was one of the first distributors of this unique concept many years ago.  Originally designed to replace office file cabinets and bookcases, this product has expanded its capabilities to house a wide variety of items in every industry in a space efficient and secure manner.  Let our experts help you unlock your storage potential.


Tired of spending good money on folders found in store catalogs with minimum organization achieved?  Let REM help get your valuable records organized so you can access what you need quickly.  Your records are best served when stored in the ideal size folder, divided where needed, tabbed and labeled properly for their storage location.  Let our experienced reps give your files the home they deserve.


For decades, REM has been on the forefront of providing our clients the ideal label systems, speeding file retrieval and negating costly misfiles.  As tracking and inventory control systems grow, label systems adapt with them.  These systems can include bar coding and even RFID tracking capabilities when needed.  Whether you are managing files, parts, or your facility’s property assets, REM Systems can provide the label system you need.