The only way to guarantee the ideal equipment solutions is to see that it is shipped, delivered and assembled properly.  The REM team of sales and service professionals will coordinate with your facilities staff to ensure a well-planned delivery and assembly, with no surprises or confusion.  For a turnkey solution to your office and industrial call Team REM.


Even the finest equipment, expertly assembled and installed, occasionally experiences service interruptions.  Our dedicated service department can minimize that downtime for you.  Whether you choose to deal with interruptions on a per call basis or expedite them with yearly service agreements that include preventative maintenance, REM is there for you.  The REM service team can often repair comparable equipment supplied by others, as well.  Your peace of mind investment in us will mean extended years of equipment service, minimizing potential downtime.


Plans change.  Organizations expand, contract or merge.  Your investment with REM does not end at the time of the sale.  Our same team of equipment and service pros can provide you the valuable assistance you need to relocate and/or modify your equipment to meet your future needs and challenges, even if you did not originally purchase the equipment through REM.  Call Team REM to provide the ideal outcome for smoother transitions.

CAD Drawings

More and more organizations today entrust their planning to third party architect and design firms.  REM designers can work with your A&D firm to coordinate plans based upon their CAD design software.  This will ensure a coordinated, successful game plan with no discrepancies or confusion in your facilities planning.