Warehouse Solutions

If you need to lift it, move it, position it or store it, we can design a solution that cost effectively meets your needs.

Pallet Rack

Pallet rack systems are the most common form of storage rack. Pallets of materials are placed directly on the rack system by a forklift. Each load in pallet racks is readily accessible, making the 100% selective storage rack systems are both economical and efficient. Pallet rack designs come in numerous configurations to handle any storage need and can be easily expanded as your company grows. They are well built and extremely durable. Pallet rack systems are available in slotted, tear drop and structural.

Vertical Carousels

Vertical carousels are part of a class of products known as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).  Designed originally for folders and card records decades ago, vertical carousels can now store virtually any item you can place on a shelf or in a drawer or tray.  If you have an 8 foot ceiling or a 28 foot ceiling, vertical carousels can quickly deliver a large amount of materials quickly to your fingertips.   If your needs are high volume, high productivity, high security and control or even a refrigerator environment, a vertical carousel can be designed to meet your needs.

Vertical Lifts

Utilizing the height of a building, a vertical lift provides an optimal space saving storage solution for goods and materials of different types, sizes, heights and weights.  The individual shelves are vertically stored in an elevator type lift.  The operator can request a particular shelf or the equipment can be integrated with the company inventory management system.  The equipment then retrieves the correct shelf from above and positions it at an ergonomically friendly height so that the operator can easily obtain the required material.  If you have an 8 foot ceiling or a 40+ foot ceiling, vertical lifts can deliver a large amount of materials quickly to your fingertips.   If your needs are high volume, high productivity, or high security and control, a vertical lift ASRS system can be designed to meet your needs.


Maximize storage space using many different types and styles of warehouse shelving.  Depending on your needs and application, the shelving comes in a variety of widths, heights, depths and gauges.  Shelving units can be open or closed and are available in many colors.


Installing Steel Mezzanines in your warehouse or factory can double the space you have by adding a second floor. This new level provides you with more storage or even office space, without taking up any additional room. 

Modular Offices

From the most basic economical 10’x10’ modular office to an environmentally controlled cleanroom, to a two-story industrial inplant office, we can engineer a building inside and out, and custom design a building to fit your specific production or administrative project.

Rack Guarding Systems

Warehouse rack guarding systems are designed to prevent products from falling off a bay of racking and landing on a passerby. Brackets allow for varying offsets and systems can be designed to go above the uppermost bay, ensuring proper coverage and safety. This hard guarding provides a hard stop for stored materials, unlike industrial netting which is designed to catch materials. The steel mesh also prevents sharp or unbalanced loads from falling through.

Wire mesh rack safety systems can also keep your company NFPA compliant. By attaching steel mesh panels to the inside of back-to-back uprights, the panels keep the flue space open allowing flames to vent up rather than out creating a vertical rise helping to slow down the horizontal spread. Sprinklers can reach burning material without obstruction.