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Save Time and Space with Vertical Carousels by Temrex

REM Systems is the exclusive US distributor for Temrex vertical carousels by Electroclass. Electroclass has been making high quality storage equipment for 40 years. Now this equipment is readily available in the US.

Increase storage capacity in the office, warehouse or manufacturing floor by as much as 60% by utilizing the height of the space.  The machine will ergonomically bring the file or product to the operator rather than needing to climb or reach for the item, thus making the operation safer and more efficient.

Many safety features come standard.  Other options available include security doors, lights pointing to the item, integration to ERP or inventory systems, and more.  There are also a wide variety of options available for shelf carrier configuration such as multiple tiers, roll out drawers, file storage, cylinder storage and many, many more.

These machines are available in heights from 7’ to 35’ and widths from 67” to 145”.

If your facility is running out of storage space or if you are thinking “there just has to be a better way”, then please give us a call or just click the link below. We may be able to help.

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