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Are You Ready?

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly turned our country and the world upside down. Schools and business are closed. Many people are working from home. Over 26 million people have filed for unemployment since March 15. And who ever heard of social distancing before all of this started?

Now as it looks like we are past the peak of the infection cycle, businesses are beginning to think about what the workplace looks like after the economy is reopened. While no one really knows for sure, we can probably all agree that it will look different than it did just a few short months ago. One way aisles in the grocery store, standing 6 feet apart and wearing masks have become commonplace.

Is your business ready to get back to business? Have you thought about what the workplace might look like? What about the lunch room, the front lobby, the conference room, etc.

As you begin this thought process and planning for the new normal, we have the signage that you will need to keep everyone separated and safe.

These Social Distancing tools help you provide information for all facilities and enforce social distancing recommendations. Not only do these signs show people where to stand, they also are essential reminders to wait until called forward and to practice distancing at all times. You can place footprints, arrows, and more at a measured distance in the pathways in all facilities as examples of where to safely stand or to direct traffic flow. All products are made from durable materials that were designed to withstand foot traffic, vehicle traffic, and water spills. With their low profile, these floor marking tools won’t cause a tripping hazard or get caught on wheels.